What Does the Future of the Internet Hold?


What Does the Future of the Internet Hold?

By Amy Lignor

The question is a broad one, to say the least. Although not a philosophical question, when sitting down to really think about the next steps in internet communication, the answers are vast. Perhaps the future of the internet will be the ability to access high-speed bandwidth in rural communities. Maybe it will be the ability to have immediate, reliable communications after natural disasters take place. It could involve being able to video conference one another from the middle of the ocean, or from the very peak of a mountaintop. One thing is for certain, however; there is a company—Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN)—whose technology is leading the way to making a better reality when it comes to internet communication.

Airborne Wireless Network is a “quilt” made up of original ideas, tremendous skill, and the tenacious and hard-working individuals who are needed to bring it all to fruition. This is the company that will introduce a Wholesale Carrier Network by utilizing commercial aircraft as “mini-satellites,” thus creating a virtual airborne worldwide web.

Think of what this will mean for the future of the internet. ABWN’s once mega-idea is on schedule to become a true “Superhighway,” turning wireless data-connectivity on its head, so to speak. Being the first and only true airborne broadband pipeline, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished when ABWN achieves its primary goal.

Rural areas will be able to “link” with others without problems. When a natural disaster strikes and people have to have a way to connect, this is the network that will provide first responders across the globe with higher quality services. Emergency and disaster deployable systems and Defense communications will improve and operate faster because of the higher bandwidth and quality signals. There will be easier access closer to the service areas in need, and it would be supplied at a lower cost to under-served markets: lower cost, but better performance. This is literally a system that will change the face of business, security, and industry in the coming years.

Being a meshed network, one where all nodes are connected via multiple links, ABWN’s “Superhighway” in the skies will not suffer from the single points of failure that cell-tower and satellite systems succumb to. With ABWN’s system, if a link happens to be interrupted, the signal will be redirected to the next participating aircraft, ship, or earth-station in the chain. Not only that but as new and more efficient data-transmission technologies are created, adding to or upgrading this system will be simple.

By providing live streaming to monitor the health of systems on planes, locomotives, ships, and more, the Wi-Fi quality of service will be heightened, which will even allow for a better passenger experience. Not to mention, the onboard hardware can support aircraft and bring far more safety to the skies. The “roadblocks” that currently stand in the way of our constant need to improve business, industry, and defense will finally be broken down.

So…what does the future of the internet hold? The answer becomes quite simple. Airborne Wireless Network is the future, and their mission – connectivity for all – is exactly what the future will bring.

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Original Source:  Baret News Wire.com




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