Yamaha V-SHO Family


Yamaha V-SHO Family

by Capt. Ted Lund


Serious tournament bass and flats fishermen have been hesitant to forgo the holeshot and top-end performance afforded by traditional two-stroke power plants — until now. And that’s all thanks to Yamaha’s VMAX-SHO® family of engines.

Yamaha V Max Sho

Yamaha V Max Sho

Ranging from the game-changing VMAX-SHO 150 to the massive 4.2 liter, 6-cylinder VMAX-SHO 250, the engines have performed tournament after tournament to put traditional two-stroke engines to shame offering a better holeshot and light weight, reliable performance.



The first offering in the SHO lineup, the inline 4-cylinder 150 weighs in at 480 pounds. It’s perfect for smaller bass boats, flats boats and other performance hull styles. At 12 pounds more than the VZ150 two-stroke, when you consider the lack of an external oil tank, the SHO 150 actually weighs in at less.

The 150’s holeshot is on par with its two-stroke cousin the VZ150, and it boasts acceleration that is noticeably quicker than that of the F150. Fuel burn is also game-changing, with a 30-percent improvement over some two-stroke models.

Variable camshaft timing offers exceptional low- and mid-range throttle response as well as top-end performance that is better than the VZ150 at 57.2 mph.


VMAX-SHO 200/225/250

Continuing to up the game, Yamaha’s big-bore SHO V6 power plants are the ideal option for larger bass and bay boats requiring raw power and acceleration. The VMAX-SHO 200/225/250 engines tip the scales at 505 pounds, besting its competitors and even coming in 24 pounds lighter than its two-stroke cousin.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The savings in weight and the best-in-class power-to-weight-ratio translate into better performance: The SHO 200/225/250 are up to 13-percent quicker than its two-stroke cousin and its nearest competition. The pop in acceleration is also due in part to its advanced sensor system that allows the engine to perform with maximum safe ignition timing.

The 4.2-liter, big-bore VMAX-SHO series fuel economy is outstanding — up to 12-percent better than the two-stroke V MAX Series 2 thanks to its innovative, high-performance 75mm electronically controlled throttle valve that works in concert with the precision multi-point fuel injection system to precisely control the fuel/air mixture for the engine. Yamaha’s proprietary Micro-Textured Cylinder Walls further add to the SHO’s incredible fuel economy by reducing friction. All of this is bolstered by Yamaha’s on-engine fuel/water separator and sensor, ensuring water and contaminants are removed from the fuel supply prior to delivery to the engines other filters and fuel injectors.

A newly redesigned lower unit offers state-of-the-art cooling and reliability for the SHO series, thanks to repositioned, larger diameter water inlets. Heat-treated gears in the gear case also help with reliability.

Like all Yamaha outboards, the VMAX-SHO family are covered by Yamaha’s industry leading warranty program, offering three years of limited warranty coverage for recreational and Government users and one year for commercial applications. For more information on Yamaha VMAX-SHO outboards, to watch the introductory video or to view the rest of the 2015 Yamaha lineup, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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