Respect the Elements!


Respect the Elements!

Sailors Foul-Weather Gear Evolves
for North America’s Sport Fishing and Powerboat Enthusiasts


Staying dry and comfortable with Gill NA  is a necessity! The one thing that benefits anyone going on the water is quality gear, boats, rods, reels, lines, lures and technical marine grade clothing. Whether to protect you from poor weather, rain, wind, blastingin31j_2_ along at 70MPH or as importantly, protection against the harmful effects of UV – technical marine grade clothing is a must for the serious power boater and sports fishermen with no exception. The top tackle and the best boats in the world help anglers rise to the front of the leader boards after hours upon hours of practice and tournament fishing. But if anglers can’t stand the marine elements in which they fish, the only results they’ll net are frustration, discomfort and disappointment.


That’s why Gill, the technical marine clothing brand now includes a growing line of weather-protection clothing to provide anglers in North America with tough, comfortable and well-fitting outerwear they need to compete effectively.


Nick Gill founded the brand in 1975, who was a passionate sailor in the UK looking to produce innovative and fair priced technical clothing for use on the water.

. The brand started exporting from the UK in 1980, and today holds a Queens Award for industry (International Trade) as a result of more than 70% of sales coming from overseas.  The USA has always been an important market for Gill and has been a brand leader in sailing and power boating foul weather gear for many years.


Over the years Gill has worked with International Sailing teams throughout the world at all levels, including Olympic Sailing teams, Volvo Ocean race and even Americas Cup campaigns.

Always the innovator, Gill’s continued commitment to making a science out of technical sailing gear caught the attention of racing teams worldwide as the clothing line expanded to product sets for both cold and warm climates. Internationally, Gill’s reputation soared with every advance in its performance- oriented, award-winning clothing. Team GBR. Grand Prix Sailing. Chessie Racing. Volvo Ocean Race. US Sailing Team, Disney Film projects. Emirates Team New Zealand. These, and more, have adopted the Gill brand for its heritage, innovation, performance, quality and fair price.


With continued advances in interactive layering fabrics and growing endorsements in the sailing market Gill believer’s that it has the brand presence to now create must-have product for the powerboat and sport fishing segments.



Whilst our brand heritage remains firmly in the marine sailing market, we believe that there is huge cross over and relevance for our product in the power boating and sport fishing world.  Gill product is developed for some of the harshest conditions on the planet, and we believe that if our products are fit for purpose in those environments, they are more than fit for purpose to protect a power boater or sport fisherman from the elements.


Look around at most protective wear worn by powerboat and anglers  — recreationally and professionally. There’s still a lot of cotton being worn out there, and cotton is hydrophilic: It loves water meaning that it will hold water and make the garment wet heavy and uncomfortable. Where it’s used, even under an otherwise shielding outer layer, it can leave the skin wet and cold.

Gill technical clothing features specifically engineered materials designed around an interactive layering system that moves moisture away from the skin. Combined, layers provide comfort upon the skin in cold water / cold air conditions. Gill also offers UV protection styles and lightweight breathable insulation that is durable, breathable and waterproof. Protection in hot sunny conditions is just as important as in poor weather.


The design team at Gill begin the product development process by selecting the best possible fabric for the job, considering durability, waterproofness, breathability, UV protection if appropriate and of course appropriate price point Gill clothing design starts with section the best fabric for the job. The fabric can represents more than 50 percent of the cost of the garment. If the fabric fails, so does the garment. The best-looking garment in the world is not much help for soaking-wet sailors battling a westerly gale. That’s why, at Gill, fabric is taken so seriously.


In 2002, Gill made the decision to move away from high-profile branded fabrics. Not only were they adding significantly to the cost, but they also limited the choice of materials. Most branded waterproof fabrics were originally developed for the larger outdoor-clothing industry. When it came time to introduce sailing-wear fabrics, the choice was limited. Gill wanted the ability to adapt fabrics specifically for the marine environment. If you are out walking and it rains, you can only get wet from above. When you are sailing, water is coming at you from all angles. Spray or solid waves are coming over the bow, you are sitting in water, and it could be raining as well. Then, there is the water, itself — for sailors, in most cases, it’s salt water. Saltwater molecules have a much larger surface area than fresh water and have abrasive properties, too. Off-the-shelf fabrics are not going to do the job as well as specifically adapted materials.


Working directly with different fabric suppliers means that materials can be honed to the exact end-use requirement.  , The lengthy testing process ensures that the fabric is completely fit for purpose, not only when new but after several years use.  The brand age’s fabric artificially in its lab facility to make sure that it won’t fail even after significant wear.



“Gill have made a science out of it,” Pritchard emphasizes. “Talk with our growing list of Pro fishing clients, like pro-angler Dean Rojas. He swears by it. What’s more important to an angler than spending more time on the water without worrying about rain, wind and cold? Dressed in Gill foul-weather gear, Dean keeps his mind on catching fish.”  The Yamaha Pro Fishing Teams also depend on Gill gear. Ranger Boats have now chosen Gill as their rain gear supplier. We have a growing list of top professional anglers now wearing our product.

North American anglers are quickly discovering the innovative, quality and fair price of Gill foul-weather gear. Gill’s full range of products for, power boaters and anglers is anchored with the Coast Jacket IN12, a highly accomplished new entry-level coastal/inshore waterproof jacket and chest high trouser. Made from a waterproof and breathable 2 DotTM two-layered fabrics, its durable water-repellent finish offers excellent weather protection and all-around performance. Fully taped seams create a waterproof seal. It’s non-absorbent and quick-drying fleece lining and breathable outer layer provides warmth without retaining moisture.

Learn more about the Coast range of foul-weather gear —available in three colors and in sizes for men, women and juniors — online at



About Gill

Gill is a very rare thing these days, a company that does only, making ultra technical clothing for use on any boat, whether yachting, power boating or fishing.  Our waterproof clothing and equipment keeps you comfortable in all conditions.   The brand has served the worldwide marine industry for nearly forty years, and the range comprises apparel and accessories for virtually every type of boating activity.

Gill products are available through hundreds of independent dealers, one line and select West Marine Stores.



About Gill North America

Gill NA, with headquarters near Atlanta, GA, is the exclusive importer and distributor of Gill-brand foul weather gear in North America including Caribbean, US and Canada.


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