Lights, Camera, ACTION!


Lights, Camera, ACTION!

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The bow hunter tracks the Feral Hogs, the second most popular large animal hunted in many states in the United States, behind the white-tailed deer. No matter what the law, whether it be state or private property, a slew of states allow hogs to be tracked down year round using everything from the rifle to the shotgun; from the bow to the crossbow – and each one of these available opportunities allows the hunter to test their skills, and challenge them to succeed.


The cold air…the pitch-black night…the bow in hand…the illumination coming from the Elusive Wildlife Technologies Kill Light that allows the bow hunter to be close enough to hear the Feral Hog take breaths as they logobring them to light. The LED ray, whether red, blue or green, shoots from the Kill Light, offering a clear, clean beam that lights up the whites of their eyes. These moments; these seconds when the predator and the prey meet, become the most exciting hunting memories in a lifetime.


But what could be even more exciting, even more powerful than that moment, standing in the pitch blackness, stalking the prey, illuminating the animal and succeeding in the challenge? Well…that would be filming the memory step-for-step.  Using the Elusive Wildlife bow light, the hunter is able to video day or night, the lights will illuminate the entire target.


TactacamMade by hunters for hunters, the Tactacam is a product that allows the hunter to document and share the most incredible hunts of their lives. The Tactacam comes with a bow stabilizer allowing the hunter to replace their current stabilizer and record true-depth, field-of-view hunting footage.


Let’s face it. More often than not you won’t have the choice of bringing along a cameraman on the hunt, but the Tactacam is the only ‘director’ the hunter needs. Best of all, it will not interfere with the hunt. Easy to use, the hunter begins by loosening the thumb bolt located on the bottom of the stabilizer, then sliding the Tactacam into place so the front of the Tactacam is flush with the front edge of the stabilizer. Tighten the thumb bolt to hold the camera in place, twist the stabilizer on your bow until it’s tight, giving it an extra turn; then twist it backwards until the One-Touch power button is facing up and positioned correctly. Easy as that.


The new Tactacam was designed by using the best electronics available in the technological community. Featuring a quality lens and a twelve-megapixel sensor, this camo video camera is perfect for recording the hunt. By utilizing a 60-degree lens, the Tactacam views are so similar to what we see with the human eye, that the video will literally be as clear and concise as a movie. But the cool features do not stop there.


One-touch Power on Auto Record with vibration indication, Tactacam offers more than two hours of recording time; 2 mp sensor explicitly designed for low-light conditions; lens optimized for bow hunting; a rechargeable lithium battery; easy storage; both water resistant and shock-resistant, with complete compatibility for both Mac and PC systems.


By utilizing the Tactacam and adding the incredible illumination technologies provided by Elusive Wildlife Technologies, you will not only record memories of your ultimate success, but by having a system that’s both Facebook and YouTube ready, you can share that success with everyone!


What are you waiting for? Get the lights. Get the camera. And head out on the hunt…ACTION!


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