Help TSA and us frequent fliers, shave your beard!


Help TSA and us frequent fliers, shave your beard!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily Scream! Ahh, here we go.
There is a trend that has started up again, and we need to talk about it! NEXT
Now I do a lot of travel on planes for my job. A few months back I was in 9 states in 2 weeks, including the state of confusion.  So I see a lot of people.  But the thing, I can tell you, is that most people in airports  keep a watchful eye out for suspicious things. You know, a shoelace out of place or odd earnings, or odd hats. Things that look terrorist like. I don’t think were profiling, more like Americas now have a wanted poster permanently posted everywhere.
So here’s the trend that really seems odd to me;  Long scruffy breads! Now mind you I recently tried to sport a beard, but not the ZZ Top/Duck dy -nasty look. I just don’t get it.
But people, I know, have said to me, why not let your beard grow out?  Is it because it is itchy? NO. Because it’s hard to maintain, No!, Then why? Because I got tired of being stopped at the airport security and detained because I look like the spy in a Russian movie. I understand that beards can be cool, but the Rip Van Winkle look, can’t be attractive to possible suitors. My wife just had to say one time: Don’t kiss me you are scratchy, and I’m shaving.
So help the airport TSA and us frequent flyers like me. Contain the beard and stop looking like a terrorist.


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