Facials & Moisturizers: A Classic Combo for Healthy Skin

Facials & Moisturizers: A Classic Combo for Healthy Skin

 ~ James Moore

There are so many ways people want to turn back time, and some of these ways are the most expensive you can possibly think of. No, not talking about cryogenics here – we’re talking about plastic surgery.


shutterstock_47545204There is pain, there is swelling, and the process – although results may look good when immediately done – does not last. One must go under the knife again and again as the wrinkles reappear. In addition, the surgery is able to be spot a mile away, making that all-natural ‘you’ look extremely unnatural as the surgeries pile up.


When it comes to the basics, your skin may be a bit depressing when put up against those runway models and actresses who seem younger and fresher than you. However, they are air-brushed most of the time. When you look at a face soft, flawless skin comes from many things – mostly genetics; but facial treatments help far more than plastic surgery because the long-term benefits are truly fantastic, allowing you to keep that face you loved so much in your twenties without changing a thing except for proper maintenance.


FaceLuXe is a company that’s more than a fan-favorite when it comes to their business. The skilled experts at FaceLuXe know how to treat your skin, and they understand the intricacies about the process. Having a facial is one thing, but being able to work with someone who realizes that your skin is unique offers comfort, simply because of the care and attention that’s given to you as the client.


Facials are a treatment meant to cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize. There are millions who find facials to be the ultimate choice when it comes to helping their skin; and they love the added extra benefits of being pampered while they find time to relax in an already hectic world. Facials are the third most popular spa treatment, right behind massages and manicures/pedicures, therefore, FaceLuXe and it’s sister company MassageLuXe make sure that all facets are covered when it comes to helping a person look and feel better.


Moisturizing and taking care of the skin is a difficult process because of the climate you find yourself in. In other words, hot and humid summers are certainly going to require different care than someone who lives in the bitter cold 4-6 months of the year. Thankfully, FaceLuXe has become so popular that they are found in almost all climates, making the process of achieving healthy skin all that much easier.


Your skin, just like your heart or lungs, is important to take care of – often and well. Whether your skin is normally dry or oily also will determine how you, as an individual, approaches skin care. Facials and moisturizing are the well-oiled team that makes sure you and your skin are not only defying age but literally winning the battle.


Moisturizing allows your skin to retain water, lubricating your skin and making it look better. The combo of the right moisturizer and the right facial schedule with FaceLuXe helps maintain a young, smooth appearance no matter where you live.


So for just a few basic tips on how to moisturize in order to make sure that all your extremely relaxing facials at FaceLuXe can work to their best ability, take a look at your climate.


A dry climate takes its toll. Anything from the solar energy coming from the sky to full-time air conditioners will intensify the heat and dry even more. To keep that young glow you want a moisturizer that’s oil-based; this will help retain more water in your skin’s outer layers.


On the flip side, when it comes to hot water, a blistering shower sounds like a great idea when Old Man Winter comes calling, but what many do not know is that hot water further dries the skin; no moisturizing occurs. Taking short showers with warm water is a good thing for the skin. And the application of baby oil or a petroleum-based moisturizer after the bath or shower will also help the skin retain moisture.


Humidity has all that water in the air, but if you have oily skin in this type of climate, moisturizer on a daily basis is still needed. Moisturizers that contain humectants work best in humid areas because they absorb water from the air and require humidity to be effective (look for products that list urea, glycerin or alpha hydroxy acids on the label).


Moisturizers are a tangled web when you look at the mass of products on the market, so just make sure to carefully choose the correct ingredients for your skin type and climate. Then, make sure you head to your weekly FaceLuXe appointment for the completely relaxing, safe and skilled treatments your skin deserves!






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